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Gurnam Singh Charuni
Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was devoted to the cause of the farmers with all his heart and soul.
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Gurnam Singh Charuni

Gurnam Singh Charuni

Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was born on 12 June 1960 in the house of Sardar Bant Singh in village Mardapur district of Patiala, Punjab. Sardar Bant Singh ji was a simple farmer Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was aware of social problems since childhood. Sitting with the children of the farmers, setting up a Panchayat, discussing about the maintenance of crops, irrigation, chemical experiments etc. and how to free the farmers trapped in the clutches of usury, used to constantly think.

Received his early education from Government School Mardanpur and Khalsa School Ambala. Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni could not take much education due to his smooth and fighting image But he continued to make efforts to improve the economic condition of the farmers. At first, he took care of himself for the farmers union organization, then took over the post of district head and served the farmers.

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Gurnam Singh Charuni Sanyukt Sangharsh Party
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