Sanyukt Sangharsh Party

Sanyukt Sangharsh Party
Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni formed a political party in the name of Sanyukt Sangharsh Party
Gurnam Singh Charuni

Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni

Sanyukt Sangharsh Party

Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was born on 12 June 1960 in the house of Sardar Bant Singh in village Mardapur district of Patiala, Punjab. Sardar Bant Singh ji was a simple farmer Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was aware of social problems since childhood. Sitting with the children of the farmers, setting up a Panchayat, discussing about the maintenance of crops, irrigation, chemical experiments etc. and how to free the farmers trapped in the clutches of usury, used to constantly think.

Received his early education from Government School Mardanpur and Khalsa School Ambala. Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni could not take much education due to his smooth and fighting image But he continued to make efforts to improve the economic condition of the farmers. At first, he took care of himself for the farmers union organization, then took over the post of district head and served the farmers.

Forming A Union

He worked to connect all the farmers of the state with him by forming a union by the name of Indian Farmers Union Haryana. Some of the people of Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni remained in the role of a good advisor. It was the biggest name. Karma Singh Mathana. According to Sardar Charuni, there can be no better advisor than Karma Singh Mathana.

Political Formation

In 2002, when the Haryana government was in power, in the election for the post of director of Shahabad Sugar Mill, raised the voice and warned against dishonesty and misuse of government machinery and announced to burn the Chief Minister’s effigy at the police station gate.


There was a stir among the farmers in the whole of Haryana, the entire government machinery administration was on the roads. To arrest Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni, the police of many districts, local intelligence police and C.I.D was constantly searching.


At the appointed time, the effigy of the Chief Minister by Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni in disguise was burnt at the gate of the police station.


The entire government machinery of Haryana shook. Sardar Charuni was arrested. There was a stir in the whole state, his wife Balwinder Kaur, and younger brother’s wife and a servant along with nephew were also arrested. After a long time, the family was released from jail, their son Sardar Arshpal Singh Charuni and elder brother Sardar Gurdeep Singh Charuni were also kept in police custody.


Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni led the farmers’ movement on the borders of Delhi against the three agricultural laws made by the BJP government. More than 700 farmers were martyred during this movement. Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was seen weeping for the martyred comrades. Then it came to his understanding that unless there is no participation of the farmers in the power, the economic condition of the farmers is not going to improve.


If farmers want to get rid of social tyranny and debt, then farmers will have to become a partner in power and for this, a political formation was done after thinking with their Colleagues. The name of this newly formed party was named Sanyukta Sangharsh Party.

“Struggle and Sacrifice”

Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was devoted to the cause of the farmers with all his heart and soul. He sold 27 acres of land out of 60 acres of ancestral agricultural land and spent it in the struggle of the farmers.


Struggled for the farmers in Haryana under the leadership of Mr. Mange Malik in the “Bill Roko” movement.


Narayangarh Sugar Mill was closed by NGT, for which Jal Satyagraha was organized under the leadership of Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni.


Bivipur lake in Kurukshetra is 60 years old, whose area is 5500 acres. The government had not given compensation. Churni got it evacuated and got it returned to the farmers. The land is cultivated, tube wells are installed and roads are built.


Compensation of land acquired for the construction of Kaithal bypass was given to the farmers at the rate of 47 lakh 40 thousand instead of 27 lakh after 49 days’ agitation. Meanwhile, two cases were registered against Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni.


In Yamunanagar, the government took out a road in which the farmers did not get the compensation amount, according to the court, that land was being returned, but the land was not left for cultivation, its nature was changed by the government, due to which the Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni agitated and got the payment of ₹180 crores done.


When Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni was the director of Shahbad Sugar Mill, he got the calendar system implemented for sugarcane farmers and also got a ‘bonus’ twice to the farmers. Looking at the plight of farmers in Punjab, the Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni formed a political party in the name of Sanyukt Sangharsh Party, declared to fight against policymaker capitalism in Indian politics and envisaged the participation of farmers in power. The government wanted to be afraid of registering 157 cases on Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni, but he and his family did not fear, did not stop and kept fighting.


Sardar Gurnam Singh Charuni wants to eliminate the drug trade spread in Punjab, While advocating for utmost changes in the agricultural sector he wants to get opium cultivation in Punjab as he believes that this will lead to the betterment of the farmer and open the doors of income and the state will grow.